PIU comes from a unique and innovative universe with products that blend the intensity of the sea with the sophisticated life of the city, fit to dress elegant mindful and timeless women.

The brand represents fashion Designer Priscilla Simões’ self-awareness and discovery process. And (is) also an intense search for her solid roots of the Bahia state culture, which connects nature and our people’s creativity.

A remarkable and strong new brand is born in the Beachwear market, with products made from crafty handmade processes and ecologically green materials.

“PIU is the extension of a search for change, born in the heart of someone who never felt in the comfort zone when it comes to innovating and believing”, Priscilla Simões.


Priscilla Simões, born in Rio de Janeiro and radicated in Salvador Bahia (Brazil) since her early professional steps went on an endless search for excellency as a Fashion Designer and style consultant.

Passionate about everything that surrounded her, a decision to translate in exclusive garments was born, representing her fascination by the freedom that can only come from the beach and the ocean. PIU was born.

Creating a sophisticated brand, dedicated to brave and empowered women became her greatest goal, as this driving force is expressed in each and every curve of her collection.



A classical and elegant pallet of colors makes Essencia an indispensable collection. Its name expresses everything that is fundamentally essential and wearable for women who are in love with the sun.
Its simple nuances give new sense to what has always been there, but never thought of.
They range from basic and revisited pieces to asymmetrical and cutouts ….. in an “almost” artistic reading to what beachwear fashion really is.

Every piece and item has details, names and characteristics from Pricilla’s greatest inspirations: the most important women in her life.
These women were fundamental in the development and creative process of each item, with a look that goes beyond the unique outfit. They carry the souls of strong intense and timeless women.


The lycra poliamid fabrics of our bikinis and swimsuits are certified with AMNI soul eco technology, the world’s first synthetic biodegradable string. This technology ensures that our pieces have a sustainable and ecological life cycle.

All our raw material is developed and produced locally incentivating small and local producers.